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Joyce Wemer http://www.linkedin.com/pub/joyce-wemer/1b/9b0/69a *A Career Library: Director, Manager, Practitioner, Educator, Advocate, Consultant; Music; Media; Radio Broadcaster; Business Professional. *An extensive background working with a geographically diverse group of unique library, information and media communities. Harford County is a growing community of nearly 250,000 residents. It is conveniently located between Baltimore and Philadelphia and is strategically located on the I-95 corridor along the shores of the scenic Chesapeake Bay. The vibrant area offers a premier library system, picturesque beauty, bustling urban centers, historic harbor towns and a variety of world-class cultural and sports amenities. Access ~ Information ~ Service ~ Anytime ~ Anywhere. Since its founding in 1945, the Harford County Public Library continues to grow and evolve. It provides a myriad of services for all the citizens of Harford County and its Maryland environs. As a manager and member of the dynamic Harford County Public Library team, key responsibilities include the organization, management, and dissemination of progressive library and information services. Harford County, Maryland is part of the Greater Baltimore Region and is strategically located on I-95 in the heart of the East Coast located halfway between Baltimore Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Harford County Public Library {HCPL} serves a customer/client/citizen base of all ages. Harford County Public Library is committed to connecting people with information and promoting the love of reading within the community. Libraries are transitioning as dynamic forces are in play in our society and around the world. Flexibility and creativity are key. Profile: Joyce Wemer http://www.linkedin.com/pub/joyce-wemer/1b/9b0/69a Experience in the Organization, Management, and Dissemination of Library, Information, and Media Services in all sectors: Library Director, Manager, Practitioner, Consultant, Consortium Leader, Educator, Advocate, Business, Public Relations/Marketing Specialist; Budgetary, Personnel, Training, Public Services, Technology, Social Media, Collection Development, Administration, Management, Planning, Organizational dynamics, Outreach, Programming, Human Resources, Instruction, Building/Cyber Planning, Fundraising, Decision-making ability, Common sense, People skills, Vision, Strategic planning, Dealing with stress, Customer service, Workplace politics, Cyber-planning, Cultural diversity, Reference, Problem-solving, Multi-tasking, Community, Project Manager, Event Developer, Information Specialist *Media/Broadcaster/Business Ownership/Terrestrial Radio Station Operations Specialist/Advertising/Production. *Music/Music Librarianship/Beatles/Popular Culture Subject Specialist *Experience with community partnerships/assessments *Experience in crisis management: Use the crisis as a catalyst to find efficencies and overall improvement for the organization *Supports the importance of the library role of providing critical-inquiry skills *Progressive team-based change agent *Community Development/Community Partnerships Solid years of experience with a diverse group of geographically-unique library, information and media communities. The Library Beatles Fan Club/The Library Scruffs – The public service/non-profit vehicle that brings together people that profess their love for “The World of Libraries” and “The World of Radio” and “The World of Popular Culture” together with that of “The Beatles Universe.” Through a developing and evolving array of social media platforms, communications, library programs, exhibits, meetings, events, collectibles, music conferences, tours, and the like, The Library Beatles Fan Club: aspires to progressively promote, develop and grow to meet the rising expectations of its nascent membership base. Submit upcoming library and community-centric Beatle oriented events and programming to Joyce Wemer, The Fifth Library Scruff Beatle A Library/Information Center Administrator/Director/Manager/Practitioner; An Information/Knowledge Resource Specialist; Business Person/Entrepreneur, Radio Industry/Broadcaster/Local Media Person & Community Development Advocate. Organizational leadership for libraries, information centers, radio stations, local media outlets, small business, non-profits and the public/community service sectors involves creativity, flexibility and nontraditional thinking. The "Caique-Mersey Community" benefits the progressive and evolutionary world of the library, information, radio, music and business service sectors. The “Caique-Mersey Alliance” utilizes our “Kaleidoscopic Evaluation Process” when tackling today’s challenging and contemporary organizational and operational issues during our engagements and projects for our clients, colleagues and friends. The process: Understand the current situation. Understand the desired performance. Determine the gap. Create a framework. Supporting progressive, creative, flexible productive, agencies & companies as model mission-driven regional/community-based entities having customer/client focused missions. Partnerships help define a community/region to encourage civic pride & invest residents with a sense of ownership. Progressive Libraries are transitioning as dynamic forces are in play in our society & around the world. Radio/Local Media must continue to make changes to endure. A vital & progressive Library; an active regional Radio/Media voice & Area Business Sector helps define a community, encourages regional development & invests citizens with a sense of ownership. “My model for business is the Beatles. Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people --Steve Jobs. Joyce Wemer http://www.linkedin.com/pub/joyce-wemer/1b/9b0/69a

Joyce Wemer

Joyce Wemer


“For The Benefit of the

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A partner and advocate for progressive library agencies, information/knowledge centers, strong radio stations, vibrant local media outlets, music/popular culture-based organizations, entrepreneurial-centric businesses, mission-driven non-profits, responsible academic sectors, knowledgeable governmental levels, regionally-aware communities and public service/infrastructures.

Joyce Wemer:

“For The Benefit of the Library, Radio, Music & Business Service Community”