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The Caique Group:

A Library, Information & Media Services Consultancy
Through our knowledge of the “Library” and the “Radio Station,” we will work with you, our potential client, to assess your organizational needs, develop a plan to meet those needs and assist during the implementation of the custom plan.

With The Caique Group, consulting is a professional and personal process.

Let us come together in order to plan for success.


A Caique Group Mantra: Supporting “The Best of The Old and The Best of The New” as we “integrate” solid “Old School” and creative “New School” elements into contemporary and progressive 21st Century agency and organizational paradigms for our clients.


The Caique Group: A Library, Information & Media Services Consultancy

“The Caique Group Cares”

“The Library Beatles Fan Club / {“The Library Scruffs”}


Richard Thau:


Joyce Wemer:




Progressive Library Notes: A library’s first How-To Festival– an experiment in high-intensity community-based interactive learning


Enabling the Research ‘Flow’ and Serendipity in Today’s Digital Library Environment

Today’s library users do not carry pencils and notebooks to a library. They no longer want to be isolated to concentrate on deep study or contemplative reading when they are at a library. Rather, they have the dire need to be connected to the biggest library the human race ever had, the World Wide Web, always and even more so when they are at a library walking through the forest of fascinating knowledge and information. The traditional library space packed with stacks and carrels does not serve today’s library users well whether they are scholars, students, or the public visiting a library for research, study, or leisure reading. As more and more library resources are moved to the fast and convenient realm of the World Wide Web, libraries have been focusing on re-defining the library space. Now, many libraries boast attractive space almost comparable to trendy, comfortable, and vibrant coffee shops. The goal of these new library spaces are fostering communication, the exchange of ideas, and social learning….


To Share or Not To Share

“We share in order to provide access, and to the degree that “sharing” actually means “copying,” it is legally and ethically complicated. To pretend that it involves only a very simple matter of letting libraries be libraries and therefore “share” is, I believe, simpleminded at best and disngenuous at worst. We live in a radically different information world from the one that gave rise to ILL. Instead of resisting that reality, we should embrace it, rejoicing in the ways it allows us to serve our patrons better….”


50 Great Mobile Apps for Libraries

46% of American adults own smart phones. By 2016, 10 billion will be in use worldwide. By the year 2013 there will be 81.4 billion apps. The average download of apps per device is 51. The average time spent on apps per day is 81 minutes. This changes the landscape of our information environment. People are using their smart phones to check local weather, find local businesses, get information, check sports scores, get traffic info, coupons, and info about their local community. Americans are working harder—but on their own time, taking their work home. 80% of people continue to work after leaving the office. 68% check email before 8am in the morning, and 50% of them check their work email while they’re still in bed. Apps have changed the way we search for and access information. The mobile platform is the preferred way to access information on the go. We can integrate information and add value to our work with better and richer content. Most of the apps featured today are free.


The 10 Best Features in Windows 8

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About Joyce Wemer

Joyce Wemer Career Library Administrator/Practitioner, Information Specialist, Educator, Advocate, Consultant; Radio Industry Business Person/Broadcaster; Music; Beatles Subject Specialist; Business; Public Service Professional Manager and member of the dynamic Harford County Public Library team, key responsibilities include the organization, management, and dissemination of progressive library and information services. Harford County, Maryland is part of the Greater Baltimore Region and is strategically located on I-95 in the heart of the East Coast located halfway between Baltimore Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Central Elements. FLEXIBILITY, NONTRADITIONAL and RESOLVE. Richard Thau ~ Joyce Wemer ~ The Caique-Mersey Group Now Expanding Into the MO-IA-MN-WI-IL-MI-IL-IN-KY-TN-OH-WV & Florida and Texas Corridors! FOSTERING A PROUD ASSOCIATION WITH THE LIBRARY COMMUNITY, THE RADIO-BROADCASTING COMMUNITY, THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY AND THE PUBLIC SERVICE - COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP - REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT SECTOR: CORNERSTONES OF THE POLITICAL, ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL FABRIC OF SOCIETY. ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP FOR LIBRARIES, INFORMATION CENTERS, RADIO STATIONS, LOCAL MEDIA OUTLETS, SMALL BUSINESS, NON-PROFITS AND THE PUBLIC/COMMUNITY SERVICE SECTORS INVOLVES CREATIVITY, FLEXIBILITY AND NONTRADITIONAL THINKING. Career Library: Directors, Managers, Practitioners, Educators, Advocates, Consultants; Radio Industry Business Persons/Broadcasters; Business Professionals. Richard Thau Joyce Wemer THE CAIQUE-MERSEY GROUP: THE LIBRARY, INFORMATION, RADIO, MUSIC & BUSINESS SERVICE FIRM PO BOX 555 NOTTINGHAM, PA 19362 A PROFESSIONAL MANTRA ~ SHARED BY ALL ~ "MY MODEL FOR BUSINESS IS THE BEATLES. THEY WERE FOUR GUYS WHO KEPT EACH OTHER'S KIND OF NEGATIVE TENDENCIES IN CHECK. THEY BALANCED EACH OTHER, AND THE TOTAL WAS GREATER THAN THE SUM OF THE PARTS. THAT'S HOW I SEE BUSINESS: GREAT THINGS IN BUSINESS ARE NEVER DONE BY ONE PERSON. THEY'RE DONE BY A TEAM OF PEOPLE. -STEVE JOBS A Diversified Grouping of 21st Century Professionals. Radio Industry/Radio Broadcasters/Local Media Sector ~ Business ~ Advertising ~ Public Relations/Marketing ~ Real Estate ~ Business Development ~ Public Service/Non-Profit ~ Community Partnerships/Community Development ~ Education ~ Hospitality ~ Music ~ Event Planning Over 25 years of experience with a diverse group of geographically-unique library, information, and media communities nationwide. Based in Megalopolis on the Mason-Dixon Line, we present a core experience with the Regional Communities of Greater-Philadelphia--PA--NJ--DE & Greater-Baltimore--MD--DC--VA & Greater New York--New Jersey--New England; Washington State; Arizona; & Currently Expanding into The MO-IA-MN-WI-IL-MI-IN-KY-TN~OH-WV and Florida and Texas corridors. Libraries/Information Centers Radio Stations/Local Media Outlets Community-Centric Businesses Non-Profit/Community Agencies/Public Service Real Estate/Community Development Interests Music/Popular Culture/Event Planning Community Partnerships Advertising/Programming Research: Radio, Music & Other Subject Areas Research: Business/Competitive Intelligence The Caique-Mersey Group Kaleidoscopic Evaluation Process The methodology: •Understand the current situation. •Understand the desired performance. •Determine the gap. •Create a framework. Supporting “The Best of The Old and The Best of The New” as we “Integrate Solid Old School and Creative New School” elements into contemporary and progressive 21st Century agency and organizational paradigms for our partners, clients, and friends. The progressive, vital and essential organization/agency/entity needs to: --Recognize the importance of the political, economic and social diversity of towns, cities, counties and regions. --Support traditional democratic concepts to insure access. --Acknowledge the need for new verbiage to describe professional objectives which reflect the changing realities of our world and the expectations for our changing institutions. --Embrace all types of learning objectives for a diverse society as learning is a most important part of the mission. --Accept the need for changes in the organizational dynamics of organizations. --Recognize that technology is a tool and that real participation depends upon people, not just on technology. --Integrate social media into the agency’s mission, goals and objectives. --Join/Create the new partnerships/collaboration with other institutions. --Create innovative partnerships with a variety of agencies, organizations and entities. --Accept new obligations, accountability, and responsibilities within our institutions. --Place a major emphasis on public value and impact. --Embrace/Acknowledge the changing nature of authority, allowing for co-creation of content and input from both on-site and virtual participants as an ordinary part of agency operations. --Agencies need to orient ourselves outwardly in order to become a major hub of “community communications.” --Evolve the curriculum/skill sets for the training of professionals in order to address the demands and realities of the new environment. --All stakeholders need to act as creative, progressive and flexible agents of change. PO BOX 555 Nottingham, PA 19362

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